Thursday, 10 January 2013

Artists . . .

Artists . . .

How do YOU not feel overwhelmed?

There are days or weeks or sometimes months during which I feel useless. I know no one's unique so I know others must feel this, too. A feeling that nothing I have to say, nothing I feel, nothing I write could possibly contribute in any way to the world. That is to say -- no one is unique. Why say it? Why draw it? Why try?

I try to listen to inspiring music or generally consume as much beauty and art as I can to spur me on but I just end up feeling like I have nothing to add. In a world with so much awe-inspiring beauty what could I possibly add? I'm a mediocre artist. Any arts or crafts I do are okay, that is to say I'm adept at picking up the basics of a good number of art forms but I am not exceptional at any one.

I digress.

Where I meant to go with this is just as I said: How do you not feel overwhelmed? With all the audio and visual stimuli available to us online how do the artists out there continue to actually want to put their art out there? Better yet: how do you continue to CREATE freely?

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