Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I Wanna Be Me . . . I Wanna Be Free

This Thursday past I cut my hair. I had been wanting a death hawk for years and had always shied away from cutting off so much hair -- a drastic change for someone who has had long hair pretty much her whole life. As time goes by, however, I see slight lines forming in my skin, grey hairs . . . I realise today is as good a day as any. Hair grows back. So I sectioned it off, braided the sides and with scissors poised got the final go ahead from my two-year old son: "Hair off, mummy!"

Unfortunately not everyone shares in his innocent enthusiasm. Now, I don't expect everyone to like it. It's not a popular hairstyle and I understand it is one of those fashion choices that still evokes a widely negative response. Knowing this, I don't ask for opinions. I am an adult, I make my own decisions and I don't need anyone's approval.

 I learned very early on a lesson which changed how I would see myself:

There will always be someone who disapproves.

No matter your clothes, your make-up, your hair . . . there will always be someone there to put you down for it. People often put others down to make themselves feel better and so they will find the most arbitrary reason to do so. If you choose to wear what you like, wear clothes that make you feel good, make-up that you like, do whatever you want with how you present yourself then yes, you will likely have many people putting you down (keep in mind that some of them will be doing so out of ignorance, some out of insecurity and a good number because they resent your ability to express yourself in a way they feel they can't) but you will also have some admirers who may follow your lead and their own hearts, too.

As a reminder to those who may have forgotten: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! It is hurtful beyond words to have your nearest and dearest express unsolicited their distaste for something as trivial as your fashion sense. It's uncalled for and is in no way helpful to anyone.

How do I feel about my haircut? My husband loves it, my son loves it and I love it. I truly adore it. It's the most fun thing I've ever done with my hair. <3


  1. looks absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love, trish

  2. I'm used to people ridiculing me for how I look... and how I am. But I figure that people who have nasty things to say are usually lacking creativity and/or courage to do it themselves. That's my opinion.